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Bae Night: The Little Black Book - 2023

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The Bae Night Youtube Series is now a feature film, with Hollywood actors Jaiden Kaine and Carlacia Grant. Alexus (Sandra Justice) of Bae Night Fashion and Tony (Genji Jacques) of appear to have it all together, but things are not what they seem for the Robinsons. A web of lies and deceit begins to tear apart their marriage.

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Queen's King - 2023

Coming Soon July 2023

Queen's King" is a heartwarming tale of love and self-discovery, centered around Ram and Nefe, an Afro-Haitian couple living in South Florida. Their journey towards true love begins when Nefe, a dropout nursing student, takes a chance on Ram, a gifted rapper who is struggling to balance his passion for music with his difficult street life. 

Join The Queen's King Movement!

Pre-order your hoodie for "Queen's King" movie premiere on August 26th, 2023

On Saturday, August 26th, 2023, we will all come together wearing the “Queen's King” hoodie to celebrate the movie release of “Queen's King” and to demonstrate Lunerversal Production’s commitment to promoting positive change within the black community. Click the link below to know more!

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Loving Till It Hurts - 2019

Get ready to experience an emotional rollercoaster in this captivating 6-part romantic drama. Follow Floret Regis (Shawntaria Franklin), a lonely and unhappy housewife who is trapped in a loveless and abusive marriage to her husband Frank (Wil J. Jackson). As she yearns for a deeper connection and love, fate intervenes in the form of an unexpected reunion with an old high school crush, Omar (Mike Sanon).

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Coming Soon - Valentine Day Weekend 2024

The High Value Man - 2024

Jaiden Kaine is Peter Smith


A fiercely independent woman who rushes into one-night stands, meets high-profile Peter on a dating app and decides to wait 60 days. As they finally meet, Melina is challenged to confront her deepest desires and rediscover what truly matters."

Co-Writer & A Story by: Luner Eugene


Writer & Screenplay by: Marcos Antonio Aformoso

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