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Lunerversal Production



Lunerversal Production's mission is to educate, empower, and unify the culture through black cinema, providing opportunities for South Florida talent in the film and entertainment industry.




Lunerversal Production's vision is to be a leading force in the film and entertainment industry of South Florida, committed to excellence, innovation, and diversity. We aim to create quality content that inspires, motivates, and entertains audiences worldwide while fostering a community of collaboration and creativity. Our goal is to bring unity to the black culture through black cinema.

Director Luner Eugene

Writer, Producer, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur

Luner Eugene, an exceptional director, writer, and producer from Haiti, has made a name for himself in the film industry with his exceptional talent and passion for filmmaking, even with limited resources. His love for creating quality films began in 2008 with his first short film, "Employed," which ignited his passion for filmmaking.


Luner has since created successful feature films such as "Loving Till It Hurts", "Bae Night: The Little Black Book," and now on his third film "Queen's King" set to premiere this summer 2023. As CEO of Lunerversal Production, he is committed to unifying cultures through black cinema and providing opportunities for local talent in the film industry.  To achieve this, he has launched "The Film and Entertainment Social Network," a platform that brings together filmmakers, sponsors, and investors to collaborate, create outstanding films, and resource for distribution.


His dedication, passion, and talent have earned him multiple awards and accolades, making him a force to be reckoned with in the film industry. With his upcoming project, "The High Value Man," Luner continues to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to excellence and leaves a significant mark in the world of filmmaking."


    "I hate drama. I only write, produce and direct it. I don't create it." - Luner Eugene

    Meet the Lunerversal Production Team

    We are building a bridge to a brighter future, setting the standards with our premium and quality products and services.

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    "Loving Till It Hurts"

    "A romantic (6 episodes mini series) drama about a lonely, unhappy housewife Floret Regis (Shawntaria Franklin), who finds herself struggling to maintain the love she feels for her husband Franc Regis (Wil Jackson) who she feels has emotionally abandoned her. 

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