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Walter T. Shaw

Top Cat II Productions have been working with Luner over the past several years. It is worth noting the professional, creative and efficient product he always provides our company with. He understand the project we are working on and always seems to capture the mood and atmosphere to enhance the shot we are seeking and the message we are sending..


Walter T. Shaw

Producer & Writer
"The Price for Freedom"


Dr. Khalilah Camacho Ali

Director Luner is a very good friend of mine, who is very focused and a man of clarity. He likes to make and give direction to his films bringing closure to his projects. Luner is a good person with good ethics and I believe he is an outstanding director.


Dr. KHalilah Camacho Ali

Actress & former wife of
boxer Muhammad Ali


Mardoche Dumaine

Luner is one of the most talented creatives in South Florida. His passion for excellence in films shows throughout each movie he releases. His determination for telling great stories resonates with people and is impactful. I’m looking forward to his next big movie release and watching him thrive in 2022. I’m confident Luner and his company will become a household name. If you’re looking for quality, and consistency Luner is your guy.


Mardoche Dumaine



Dr. Valorie P. Hagan

I've had the privilege of watching Luner grow over the past 18 years from a model, musician, graphic and web designer to screen writer, and movie producer. He is one of the greatest creative geniuses of his generation and a true testament of what's possible when you walk in integrity, stay focused and embrace a larger vision of yourself. I've worked with him on several projects with the legendary Les Brown and he has always exceeded our expectations. I know there is more greatness to come.


Dr. Valorie Parker-Hagan

Author & Speaker

jaiden kaine.jpg


I had the pleasure of meeting Luner Eugene in person back in 2015 but I was first made aware of him prior to that by a young woman I was mentoring at the time. For years she spoke of this "film genius" friend of hers who lived in Florida. She spoke of his talent, determination, love of the craft, eagerness to learn and become the best director ever. I remember her words like they were spoken yesterday, "..if there's anyone I know who's DEFINITELY going to make it, it's Luner. I don't know anybody with his talent who works as hard as he does and he's always willing to help, I love him!".

Looking back, I've had both the honor and pleasure of working with Luner on multiple projects, I trust him and have nothing but faith in his ability to deliver and do so with integrity; time and time again. I also have the pleasure of calling him one of my closest friends. In my humble opinion, he's definitely someone to watch for. He will see his star rise or die trying. There's no backup plan for men like him.


Jaiden Kaine


Delpha Samuels #159 - 5x7 Social Media,

Delpha C. Samuels

I have had the pleasure of working with Luner for over 10 years. I can’t express how blessed I have been by working with him. One of the things I love so much about Luner is his integrity and the level of respect he has for his actors. There are not many in this business like him. If you ever had the opportunity to work with Luner you know that he’s not only a genius, but he is very selective when it comes to his cast, which is why I am so humbled to play one of the leading roles in BaeNight. Luner has truly pushed me to be a better actress and a business woman. I look forward to working with him on many other projects.


Delpha C. Samuels


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